Robert Restaino-Mayoral Candidate, City of Niagara Falls


Tues., I had Seth Piccirillo on as a guest. He is a candidate in the Democratic primary for mayor on Tuesday, June 25. An appreciable number of people took me to task for letting callers talk about the traffic study now being done on Walnut Avenue and Ferry Avenue.

I must agree with them.

As I stated at the beginning of last Tuesday’s show, this segment of the Vince Anello Show is about the mayoral primary to be held Tuesday, June 25. Our Guest is (D) Robert Restaino.

It’s not fair asking questions of our guest if, in the position he or she is seeking, has no control over a situation or issue. So, I’ll make it my job today to cut you short if you go off track.

Also, remember that aside from some action on some of the minor party lines with opportunity to ballot, in Niagara Falls, we also have a primary in the Republican line for city Council. Those individuals are incumbent Kenny Tompkins, newcomers John Spanbauer and Candace Corsaro. All you need do, is get out and vote.