Howie Ewing, Neal Turvey-Sal Maglie Stadium 1/17/2017

In this segment of the Vince Anello Show, Howie Ewing and Neal Turley will discuss their efforts in keeping the Sal Maglie Stadium a vital part of the Niagara Falls NY community.

The Sal Maglie Stadium closed in 1995 and after entering into a partnership with the Niagara Falls School District it was demolished in 1999. At this point, many people argue, the demolition of its iconic old style stadium facade diminished the city’s interest in the stadium.
Some of the home teams it has hosted are: Niagara Falls Pirates (1970-79), White Sox (1982-85), Tigers (1989), Rapids (1990-93), New York-Penn League; Niagara Falls Mallards, North Atlantic League (1995)
New life is being restored by today’s guests and their team.