Niagara Falls 2018 Budget Presentation (Proposed Budget)

Get ready, set, go! And they still don’t know

Here is your chance. Click on the link below. Tell the Council where to cut. You have a month to do it in.

2018 Mayor’s Proposed Budget

The mismanagement began in 2008 and the City Council, all of them are complicit. Even if it was sure to be turned down, has any councilmember introduced a spending policy for Casino Revenue. Has any councilmember introduced a cost saving measure that would be a reoccurring saving. Haven’t they all violated, at one time or another, Article V of the City Charter? Has any candidate produced an outline with their plan to cut expenses and keep the same level of service.

Niagara Gazette Summary of the Mayor’s 2018 Budget Presentation

Quote from article “Tompkins said he would not like to see city employees laid off, adding that conversation about tax increases would be a reluctant one and he considered existing municipal services to be at a “bare minimum.” He called the use of past casino revenues “mismanaged.”
“The only good thing about the casino standoff is it’s going to force elected officials to do their jobs the way it should have been done since 2004,” he said.”
Councilmember Tompkins should look at proposed budgets from 2005-2008. We did it the right way in spite of a combative, misinformed, prone to lying city council cabal.