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2017 Elections-Niagara County General Elections

It’s the morning after and the first day to the general election. I would like to congratulate all the winners and thank the candidates who participated, but did not win. And to those, I say, don’t dwell on it. As time passes,

clarity will soothe the pain of defeat. You will determine and appreciate your real friends. The more time you spend with them and your family, the less time you spend thinking about the SOBs that you feel stabbed you in the back. I’m confident that, with some of you, that thought is lingering in the back of your mind. Forget it! Get back to your life. You did the best you could. Don’t spend any time second-guessing yourself. The outcome of most elections is that, some good people win, some good people lose. The opposite is also true for the bad ones. That’s why locally, and nationally, we are in the shape that we’re in. Elections are not perfect and are becoming less perfect as fewer and fewer people vote. For my part I plan on staying active and provide the voters with as much factual information as possible.